Join the Thursday Musical Club!

Membership in the Thursday Musical Club is open to anyone interested in the programs we provide. Annual Dues (which cover the costs of the artists and our teas) are $100. If you are interested in joining our group, please print it out, complete it and then mail it (along with your $100 check) to Phyllis Sachs.
Printable form: thursdaymusicalclub.membership

(Make a copy of this or tear off and send in
or just put this information on other paper).

Name ______________________________
Spouse ______________________________
Address _____________________________
City _______________________________
Zip Code ____________________________
Telephone Number____________________
E-mail address: _______________________

Yearly dues: $100.00
Enclose a check made out to:
Thursday Musical Club

Send this information and your check to:
Phyllis Sachs
41 Crecienta Drive
Sausalito, CA 94965

Find us at: